Rinnai INFINITY® N-Series Pump Cable


The Rinnai INFINITY N-Series water heaters have the ability to control a circulation pump, in a ring main application, with the use of a pump cable connector—UV resistant and rated for outdoor installation.

The pump cable allows hot water to cycle through the ring main, ensuring hot water is quickly available when a tap is opened.

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Product Details

Suitable for
Rinnai INFINITY N56 water heaters in the following applications:

  • Single unit N56 residential installations*
  • Commercial / shower block installations with multiple N56 units, as specified by the Rinnai Commercial Team

* When multiple N56 units are connected together small but noticeable water temperature fluctuations may occur as the load increases and additional units ignite. This is normal operation and not a system (warranty) fault. For this reason care should be taken when specifying multiple N56 units in ring main applications where discerning customers may be dissatisfied with minor temperature fluctuations. In these applications please contact the Rinnai Commercial Team for alternative hydraulic arrangements that will manage these fluctuations—DO NOT use the pump cable.

Rinnai INFINITY digital controllers are not compatible with the N-Series pump cable and ring main applications.

Technical Specifications



Cable length

2 m


UV resistant and rated for outdoor installation

Market release

Jan 2020